You will find dungeons in Middle Earth. However, you need the right key to enter the dungeon!
The keys to enter can be received in multiple ways. Quests, in the dungeon itself or in other ways.
You will need to find the dungeon itself on your own. We will never TP you to it. (First dungeon start is in Bree, in a house. Talk to a npc!

But how do you see the dungeon entrance?
Well, you need to look very closely at blocks.. because EVERY BLOCK can be the entrance!
So, when you look very closely... you will see the keyhole on the block that you need to find to enter!

Each door needs a specific key, so you cannot use a key with the wrong color in the wrong dungeon. The system will tell you if its the wrong key.
The keyhole color shows you what color you need for that door and the handle of your key shows the key color.
You can find keys in multiple ways... there are chests that give them... or other things (heheh)

Once you open the chest, or other things… it will becomme very clear that you already took this key.
Chests can also give other loot! (and no key)

To win a dungeon, you need to find its end... this will have a book/sign or something else to make it clear that its the end.
There could be traps, guardians or more “dangers” in this dungeon to make sure you die!

If you DIE in a dungeon, then your grave is LOST
Dungeons are PLAYERBOUND... so if player A completes it.... then player B can still do it. Doors, etc, are opened per player and not globaly