Mirkwood United

The day has come, the Wood Elven King Xiphius gathered his forces and marched to Dol Guldur to take over the Green Wood of old and rebuild Amon Lanc. Rohan and Angmar wanted to aid Mordor, so Xiphius quickly send his army south to intercept these armies. Rohan managed to fight their way through it and joined Mordor their forces, but the Wood Elves managed to stop Angmar. 

Wood Elves regrouped and marched to Dol Guldur. The combined forces of Mordor and Rohan waited for them but the Necromancer seemed to support them too! The Wood Elves recieved reinforcements of Rhûdel and High Elves at the border of Dol Guldur, but they were also helped by the Istari. Battle ensued, and after a very fierce field battle the forces of Rohan and Mordor retreated to their fortress. The Army of the Wood Elves was exausted, but regrouped again with their allies, Xiphius and  Tycho lead the army to the fortress. The Elves brought catapults and blasted the gate almost instant. The Orcs and Men inside fought hard, but after the gate was breached it was the beginning of the end. The Elves drove the Orcs and Men out of the fortress, killing almost all of them. Even the Necromancer had to flee. 

After a long time, the Wood Elves conquered all of Mirkwood. Their army is exausted and will most likely won't see a war anytime soon.

24th December 

The king of rohan and "5th tier orc of Angmar" Laneirzuk hosted a meeting in Deeping Comb about The Necromancer. Sadly, no one but 2 showed up, Luckily the Necromancer himself showed. He gave orders to the king of Rohan, and when Laneirzuk asked if Angmar can join him, The Necromancer said that Angmar was weak and useless, theyrenot even talking about how he said "5th tier orc'  what made Laneirzuk (who's patriotic) suprised and terrified. Laneirzuk tried to persuade Necromancer that Angmar is strong, however The Necromancer didn't change his mind. After few minutes of talking The Necromancer dueled Laneirzuk to prove his strength, and also strength of Angmar. After long fight, Laneirzuk went out this fight as winner. Necromancer then said to fight best of 3, but the Necromancer needed to return to his fortress, to do more important things and to give this weak orc some time to prepare... because he didn't show his full strenght.

20th December

A great host consisting of Wicked Dwarves, Rohirrim, Angmar, and Mordor Orcs has captured Thranduils Halls!

The King of the Woodland Realm has been captured

There was a slaughtering at the Thranduills halls today where many lives were lost, To the kings of Rohan, Mordor, Angmar and Wicked Dwarves May your people rot in the depths of UTUMNO
Again the forces of the Rohirrim, Angmar, wicked dwarfs, a Erebor dwarf and Mordor forced their ways into the woodland realm. After Angmar left to get reinforcements the scouts found a way into the great but empty gates of Thranduils Halls. After this was done the army reinforcements came and battered all the elves left in the halls. The two elves left alive hid behind the last door they could find until the army fled.

18th December

The expanded Army
The Protector of Rohan has had the peacefull meeting with the Evil Wizard. They agreed on another meeting, in this meeting Rohan would give their answer of joining The Necromancer. When this meeting happend a lot of things happened, because the Horselords of Rohan thought the wizard already broke his promise by saying he ''leads Rohan''. After alot of fighting and discussing, The Necromancer decided to curse the queen and take her with him to his shelter in Fangorn. After this the Rohirrim brought their best men to rescue her. But the Queen ordered them to bend the knee. Now the army of the necromancer has expanded with horselords and Rohirrim. Who knows what will happen next....

18th December

The king of Durins Folk found the absence of the king of the wood elves during te war very disappointing, so the relationship between their kingdoms will never improve.

14th December

Amator Leandros The Governor of Harad Has given Rohan an elephant to improve their relations,"its our proud elephant who's name shall not be spoken as its in our secret that they have been given to Rohan on good terms may our nations stand from this day". Even though Harad ancestors haven't always been on the most friendly terms with the people of Rohan may this be a symbol to let them build a better future.

10th December

After a sign from the old god Klombo of a new near our borders and no sign of the weird old man, the true king under the mountain decided to leave behind the big ego of his forefathers and chose sides with wood elves in his ambition for middle earth. in exchange for their once desired true silver from the mountain they could make up for the differences in the past and were joined by there new allies The Wood Elves.

8th December

When the king under the mountain was on his way to bring the news about the fall of Dale to the Iron Hills he got intercepted by an old strange man talking about their relations in this strange strange world. Maybe this old man with a very pointy hat, and his 'army' is what we need for our ambition

8th December

A most uncommon event took place in the Woodland Realm. 
A troll called William was slain by the elves while defending his hill troll chieftain, who escaped alive. His heavy petrified body was taken to the capital and a memorial was made for him, because of his loyalty to his chieftain and his courage in fighting to the very brink of daylight. The Wood Elves honour such a stout enemy.
Later that same day, when the King Under the Mountain was travelling to the Iron Hills to bring the news of the fall of Dale, he met an Old Man, with a pointy hat, who questioned him about the relations Durin´s Folk with other Kingdoms. it seems he wanted to have some say in that and told the King he had an army and would impose with the terms of how these relations should be, threatening the Lonely Mountain if they were not accepted.
A new meeting is expected soon, to let all Lords know what these terms were... 

7th December

A group of Rohan scouts find and capture a lone wood elf who had entered deep into Rohan territory. Why he was there, he would not say, so he was taken to Deeping-coomb for questioning.
However, as he stubbornly kept his silence, he was threatened to be sold as a slave, hoping this would loosen his tongue. To the surprise of all, an Old Man who called himself the Necromancer appeared at the gate of the fortress, offering to "buy" this elf. And in fact he did. 
The fate of this elf is now unknown...

4th December, after the meeting

The Kings and Queen are summoned to the Deeping-coomb halls and are there attacked by a mighty host of Easterlings. Bewildered and nearly overtaken, the Lords barely manage to escape with their lives. They convene to hold another meeting to talk about this attack and decide to follow the Istari´s advice and make peace among themselves. However, some Lords are too keen on their grudges...

The Strange Man Reveals Himself

It was a cold night on the 4th of december. When a few Blue Dwarves and the Rohirric Commander travelled to the Woodland Realm to attack the halls of the Wood Elven king Xiphius. The Wood Elven king refused to leave his stronghold. A wise decision, since shortly after the 3 intruders were attacked by the Unknown Man, which we thought was gone. He drove them away BUT also demanded the Elven King to come out. He left his Halls to see what he had to say, The Unknown Man started attacking a dwarf again, so the Elves, Dwarves and Men, put aside their differences, and fought the Man together. They defeated him, and suddenly... he acted different... He wanted to speak to the King of the Blue Mountains, the Commander of Rohan and the King of the Woodland Realm. He said he was an Istari, and his name was Ileviar. But he was sometimes controlled by Guhith the Necromancer. 

Ileviar told them that the factions of Middle-Earth have to work together, since a greater evil is lurking from the North... This information shocked the leaders. Which instantly travelled to Rohan for a proper meeting. Hopefully they find a common future... because the fate of Middle-Earth lies in their hands...

''thus the great leaders from all of Middle-Earth come together, and find a way to oppose this threat''

The Strange Meeting

A few days past an invitation was received from the Stranger in Fangorn. It seemed he was finally ready to reveal his identity and his reasons for attacking the Woodland Realm. So, in spite of the present tensions among Kingdoms, we agreed on a truce to go there together. We were promised that, if we attended, the King of the Woodelves, Xiphius, would be set free. We were led to a Feast Hall, where we sat down for some repast, but then discovered we could not move from our seats. We had been trapped..From that moment on a series of bewildering challenges started, meant to lessen our number and to create distent among ourselves. We had to submit to all the orders from the Stranger, as we could not leave. We were made to fight each other and one by one were left behind for dead. We were reminded of the trials of Finrod Felagund and Beren, in the dungeons of Tolin-Gaurhoth long ago, which suggests all this plot was devised by Sauron or one of his minions... However, things did not turn out as the Stranger expected. In the end, those very few who survived, managed to kill him and escape from the dungeon. Still, we do not know what power sustained the Stranger and if he may not just have been disembodied, returning to harrass us one day.

Scramble For Grey Mountains area

This week numerous faction have laid their eyes to fight over proxy states and territory's to gain control over the Grey Mountains area which includes the territory's of Grey Mountains and Grey Mountain Foothills. Even if it now remains uncertain who will win in this Scramble for the Grey Mountains. The Dwarves know one thing they will not rest until they reclaim their ancient long lost territory's that has fallen long ago by Dragon Fire. What the stake of the King of Wood Elves is in attempting taking over Grey Mountains is currently unknown. Yet this act is seen as a great insult by the Dwarves of Durins Folk.

Expedition in Fangorn

After an outrageous attack on the Woodland Realm today by an army of Ents. Wood Elves King Xiphius and his commander Tycho felt betrayed and angry by the Unknown man coming from Fangorn. Because the Unknown man visited the Woodland Realm fews weeks earlier. With revenge in mind, Xiphius travelled to fangorn with his best and most loyal soldiers. His Commander Tycho, his Master of Arms ZheWeird and General Matts. We came to the place were we first met the strange man. But there was no one. They found a shelter, which wasn't there before. Did the strange man make this? They assumed he did, so put a warning for him.

Wood Elves Conquest

Today at the 20th of November, Wood Elven King Xiphius marched with his army into Dale. They were accompanied by a small force from the High Elves. They were met by an army consist out of Men of Dale and the Dwarves of Durins Folk near the Great Dalish Crossroads. Battle ensued, with the Wood Elves quickly dominanting on the field. The Dalish and Dwarves fled into a fort. The Elves regrouped and started an attack on the fortress. The battle was fierce and after a while the Elves breached the gate. Casualties began to pile up at the Dalish side. The Dwarves fought hard and caused a lot of resistance. So the Elves, with the King on the front, pushed the Dwarves out of the fortress and conquered Western Dale. The Elves celebrated the win afterwards in their conquered fortress, and grieved the loss of the only Elven casualty.

Battle of Rhudel

Today, Laneiro travelling through his enemy land, Rhudel got jumped by 3 people. He ran for 20 minutes but he went out of arrows and he has fallen. Silleman, hearing that aided for support from Dwarfs and together, Dwarven armies marched to Rhun. The battle began with crucial assault from flank lead by laneiro and silleman, which crushed MinerAedan and ManMetVis, meanwhile central dwarven forces lead by Topic, MeenerJD and Soul crashed xLynce and Tycho, killing the elf. xLynce then running has rejoined Rhudel forces, but some different power accured and the fight was stopped.

Woodland Realm Skirmish

Today 2 blue dwarves went to the Woodland Realm to steal the Artifact owned by Tavern Keeper - Tycho. They caught Tycho by suprise, but wood elf ZheWeird and the King Xiphius were there to support him. But due to usage of good tactics, the Blue Dwarves managed to take away the artifact; which is now owned by Laneiro

Nothern Pact officialy formed

On a rainy evening of 11th november, The Leaders of the High Elves, Wood Elves, Angmar and Rohan met up at a nice meeting place at Rivendell. They discussed each others interests and made some plans for the future. These plans will become clear very, very soon... ''Thus the great leaders from far and wide met up to look at a common future''

Burying the hatchet

On the 2nd of November, with the crusade of DA! concluded in failure, High-King Leo of Durins Folk and JimY Lord of Erebor accepted the invitation of High-King Xiphius for peace talks in the Woodland-Realm. The talks concluded with neutral status between the two Kingdoms. “Thus the great kingdoms of the Woodland-Realm and Durin's Folk hurl their war hatched in the depths of the earth.''

Court at Iron Hills

Today, 1st of November, King Leo invited all the citizens to court at the Iron Hills. For there is a rising unrest within the citizens of Durin’s Folk, caused by the declaration of war against the Wood-Elves. Within the meeting Leo established himself as King of all the dwarves of Durin’s Folk, and granted lordships away to those most invested in the regions. There were also little talks about the growing numbers in the neighbours country.

The defensive line of the North

Today, 28th of Ocotber, the last stone have been set on the defensive line in the North. The dwarves of Durins Folk have repurposed olden dwarven mines and made them into fortresses and watchpost. For there is still a haunting fear within the minds of the olden dwarven generation that dragons might come fly again from the North. We will not, ever, want the same fate of Erebor once again on another dwarven stronghold. 


The creation of the Holy Eastern Union

Today, the 9th of Ocotber, The Holy Eastern Union is to unite all the leaders of the kingdoms in the North-Eastern part of Middle-Earth. As such it consists of the Dwarves of Durins Folk, Men & Elves of Dale and the men of Rhûdel. Together the kings and Lords of these these 3 Kingdoms pass decisions on matters affecting all members and handle inter- and outer faction policy’s. The Eastern Union will RISE!!