Rule Number Rule Punishment


From today, all rule breaking and misbehaviour will be punished with the loss of points according to the below system. All the warnings that have punishments associated will be called OW, Official Warnings. These OWs can have a mute included + event removal  if they are chat/event related. The length of the mute will be decided by the staff who gives it.

All players start with 20 points

1st warning = 2 points
2nd warning = 5 points
3rd warning = 9 points

During events (battles, wars, rp events, etc)

1st warning = 3 points

2nd warning = 6 points

3rd warning = 10 points


When a player loses all his points, he gets a 2 week ban and upon returning starts off with only 10 points.

When a player loses all his points for the 3nd time, he gets a permbann


Recovery of points:
After the first 2 weeks have passed of the player behaving well, the player will get one point back each week. Until the player has completely recovered his initial 20 points.

If along this time period of point recovery the player misbehaves again, he will be punished with the corresponding OW and the 2 week recovery count will start again.

If a player falls below 10 points, he has to do community jobs until he comes above 10 points, getting 1 point for each, to a maximum of 3 jobs a week. Staff will decide on the community jobs the player can do and if they have been well done.

To earn those points back you make a ticket in discord ( Discord )



An warning because of an action ingame:
1st warning = 2 points
2nd warning = 5 points
3rd warning = 9 points

1st warning = 2 points
2nd warning = 5 points
3rd warning = 9 points


During events (battles, wars, rp events, etc)

1st warning = 3 points

2nd warning = 6 points

3rd warning = 10 points

During events (battles, wars, rp events, etc)

1st warning = 3 points

2nd warning = 6 points

3rd warning = 10 points


You are allowed to take items/kill or destroy player owned mobs, mounts, crops or other player belongings. It is your own responsibility to protect your items.

No warning/punishment here. Since own responsibility!


You are not allowed to use a second account to play.

2/3 points + second account gets banned.


Anything you build outside your faction's owned territories can be removed by the faction whose territory you have built it in.

No warning. (Check next rule)


You can build outside your own territories freely. But you are not allowed to protect it with banners. If you are building a claimbuild and 4/6 requirements are done you can protect it.  Only one claimbuild can be protected by a faction at any time per biome.

Not meeting those requirements will result in 2 points 


You are allowed to build on a road, and a waypoint, but you are not allowed to place any gates or obstructions that stop people from moving away from the waypoint.


2 points


Do not grief NPC structures unless you completely remove them.

You can also not do this when it's an structure from another faction in an claimed territory

9 points.


Do not grief the landscape.

This should also include landscaping projects that are unfinished. For example someone starting to landscape Erebor, and stops doing it or getting inactive. Be sure to finish it.


9 points


You cannot build or set waypoints within 500 blocks of another player's base without their permission unless they are in the same faction as you.

You also cannot share waypoints in other players' bases without permission.

2 points & remove it.


Using glitches or pillaring/mining to get inside a claimed base is prohibited. However using parkour and mounts is acceptable.

2 points.


Do not use any form of hacks or exploits, that includes, but is not limited to:

- X-ray (including X-ray texture packs)

- Hacked clients - Exploiting game mechanics to achieve things that you normally shouldn't be able to

- (duplication glitches for example).

Allowed mods

  1. Fullbright (only fullbright, no xray)
  2. Minimap
  3. Printer mode on schematica
  4. Inventory tweaks

Usage of hacks/exploits results in 15 points and two week ban. If it happens again 19 points and 1 month bann. After that perm ban!


Stealing and griefing property and items owned by your faction members is illegal. If you have access to something it doesn't mean you own it. There are lots of gray zones here but staff will judge each case depending on evidence and deliver punishment accordingly.

2 points if provided with good proof. Each case also depends on the situation.


When making a ticket you need to provide proof and a good starting message with clear evidence, arguments and facts DIRECTLY after the ticket is made.

2 points if it happens multiple times.


Faction Leader System: 


  • Faction Leaders need to report to the staff responsible for FL each 2 weeks, about how it's going etc.
  • If the Faction Leaders fail to do this twice, they receive a warning, by the third time you instantly get removed from your function. First time staff will remind him/her on the regular update.
  • The same goes for Commanders. 


If there is a special reason why Faction Leaders they can say it to the staff off Faction Leaders. They don’t have to go in detail. Just a heads up is enough.


If the staff responsible for Faction Leaders feel like Kings or Commanders are becoming inactive. They always have the right to remove a King or Commander. 


If you fail to do this, you risk losing your role as faction leader